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5 Must-Have Apps for a Self-Employed Driver

In an increasingly connected world, a self-employed delivery driver is a linchpin in the intricate web of commerce and logistics. Their challenges are manifold. From plotting efficient routes and managing time to keeping fuel costs under control and meeting customer expectations.

Often, the difference between a productive day and a frustrating one lies in having the right tools. Unlike employed drivers, who often have fixed wages and company support, self-employed drivers bear all operational costs and represent their own brand. Therefore, apps that optimise routes, manage expenses, and help build a reputable service are crucial.

In this blog post, we will look at five essential apps that are instrumental in reducing challenges and harnessing the opportunities that come with being a self-employed driver. From saving on expenses to streamlining your routes and maximising your income, these apps are the tools you need to thrive.

First, let’s look at why it is vital for self-employed drivers to have the right apps at their disposal.

Why Are the Right Apps Crucial for a Self-Employed Driver?

For self-employed drivers, navigating the roads is just one part of the job. Navigating the complexities of managing a micro-business is another. That’s where certain apps step in as a lifeline.

Being your own boss comes with perks, but it also means wearing multiple hats. Route planning and scheduling are critical. Why? Because time is literally money. Having the right apps can drastically reduce the time spent on logistics.

For example, advanced route planners can calculate the quickest and most fuel-efficient route for multiple stops. This saves valuable time and slashes fuel costs, which is one of the most significant expenses for drivers.

Additionally, when you’re self-employed, your personal reputation is at stake for every delivery. Unlike employed drivers, who represent a larger company, self-employed drivers represent themselves. Keeping clients satisfied with punctual and reliable service is crucial. Utilising apps that ensure timely deliveries helps in building a sterling reputation.

Lastly, self-employed drivers must be adept at handling unforeseen challenges – vehicle breakdowns, last-minute delivery changes, or fluctuating fuel prices. Having a suite of apps means having a set of tools ready to tackle these issues head-on.

Now let’s look at the five apps that you need as a self-employed delivery driver.

Delm8 Route Planner

For self-employed delivery drivers, efficiency is a top priority. This is where Delm8 Route Planner, the UK’s most accurate route planner, becomes indispensable.

It’s designed to save you an hour each day, reduce fuel costs, and significantly enhance your efficiency. Attributes that resonate strongly with drivers operating on their own time and dime.

Delm8 Route Planner distinguishes itself through its unique ability to pinpoint hard-to-find addresses accurately, including remote farms and named cottages in the countryside.

This AI-powered app is built to seamlessly handle and optimise over 100 stops, making it highly useful for drivers with extensive delivery schedules. It even allows direct postcode scanning into the app, providing further time savings.

Trusted by delivery drivers across industries, Delm8 Route Planner is the secret ingredient to getting more done in less time, increasing your proficiency and ensuring higher satisfaction levels for your customers.

Why You Need Delm8 As a Self-Employed Driver

Suppose you’re a self-employed delivery driver servicing the countryside with an array of packages bound for various remote farms and cottages. Relying on traditional route planning apps could lead you astray. Resulting in wasted time seeking directions, growing frustration, and ticking off valuable work hours.

Enter Delm8 Route Planner, your game-changer. This ingenious app accurately locates each address, including those elusive farms and cottages, and integrates them into your route, optimising your journey effortlessly. In a nutshell, Delm8 Route Planner transforms potentially stressful and inefficient hours on the road into a streamlined, efficient delivery experience.

Instead of wasting precious time hunting for hidden named properties, you can focus on your primary objective – executing successful parcel deliveries.

The outcome is a smoother, less stressful day on the road, quicker job completion, and higher customer satisfaction levels.

For self-employed delivery drivers, this translates into more efficient workdays and, ultimately, a more enjoyable delivery experience.

Try it for free today and experience the difference.

Delm8 Route Planner on the App Store (

Delm8 Route Planner – Apps on Google Play

Petrol Prices

Fuel constitutes a significant chunk of expenses for self-employed delivery drivers, given their extensive journeys.

This is where Petrol Prices, a comprehensive fuel comparison app, can be a game-changer. It offers the potential for substantial annual savings by assisting drivers in finding the most cost-effective fuel options in their vicinity.

Petrol Prices simplify the process of finding budget-friendly petrol, diesel, and other types of fuel. The app features an intuitive fuel finder that lets you compare prices of petrol, diesel, and premium fuels in your specific area.

You just need to enter your postcode, town, or city, and the app will curate a list of available options. You can further filter these results by distinct brands and fuel types. Then arrange them by the least expensive or closest stations to your current location.

Imagine being on a delivery route, and you see your fuel gauge indicating a lower level than you’d like. The traditional approach would be to head to the closest petrol station and refuel, paying little attention to the price per litre.

However, these small price differences can accumulate over time, significantly impacting your budget, given the volume of fuel delivery drivers consume.

Why You Need Petrol Prices As a Self-Employed Driver

Now, envision the same scenario, but this time you have the Petrol Prices app at your disposal. As soon as you notice your fuel running low, you input your current location into the app. In a matter of seconds, the app provides a list of nearby petrol stations, each with its current prices for different types of fuel. You quickly identify a station just a few extra minutes away that offers diesel at a considerably lower price than the station you initially intended to visit.

By opting for the more economically viable choice, you save money on this single refuelling scenario. Now, consider multiplying that saving by the number of times you refuel in a week, a month, or a year. The potential savings with the Petrol Prices app are substantial. Making it a must-have tool for self-employed delivery drivers across the UK keen on smart savings.

Google Maps

Being on the road is second nature as a self-employed delivery driver, and so is Google Maps. Known for its accuracy and precision, Google Maps is a vital tool that assists drivers across the UK in achieving quick and effective navigation.

One of the main advantages of using Google Maps as a self-employed delivery driver is access to real-time traffic updates. These dynamic updates empower drivers to sidestep heavy traffic and obstructions, saving precious time and limiting fuel wastage. Google Maps consistently provides alternative routes whenever your route becomes congested or blocked. Thus ensuring timely arrivals at your destinations.

Another key feature that significantly benefits delivery drivers is Google Maps Street View. This innovative feature offers a 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic view from a specific point on the street. Enabling drivers to acquaint themselves with the delivery location before getting there.

Moreover, Google Maps offers detailed business information, like operating hours, contact details, and customer reviews. This feature becomes particularly handy for delivery drivers when planning and scheduling their deliveries during business hours.

While other apps like Waze offer community-based reporting and Apple Maps might provide deep integration with iOS devices. Google Maps outperforms with its extensive data, multifunctional features, and seamless compatibility across platforms. This combination makes Google Maps the top choice for self-employed delivery drivers in the UK.

Why You Need Google Maps As a Self-Employed Driver

Consider a typical day in your life as a delivery driver. You’ve planned your route, set off, and suddenly encountered an unexpected road closure due to construction. In conventional circumstances, this unexpected hurdle could cause significant delays and increased stress as you struggle to figure out an alternative route, not with Google Maps.

In essence, Google Maps is more than just a navigation tool. For self-employed delivery drivers, it’s an indispensable ally, making every journey a little bit easier, a little bit faster, and a lot more efficient.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is an innovative platform that offers a unique opportunity for delivery drivers in the UK to supplement their income.

The programme operates across numerous UK cities, offering a working schedule that harmonises with the hustle and bustle of delivery life. As an Amazon Flex delivery driver, you’re free to pick delivery blocks that accommodate your existing work schedule. Typically within a 3–6-hour timeframe. It’s a perfect side hustle for those looking to maximise their income without infringing on their primary responsibilities.

One of the core advantages of Amazon Flex is the flexibility it offers. As a self-employed driver seeking a secondary source of income, you can choose delivery blocks that fit neatly around your primary job. It’s an excellent way to optimise your time without compromising your main work commitments.

Why You Need Amazon Flex As a Self-Employed Driver

Imagine you’re a self-employed driver with some free hours in the afternoon. With Amazon Flex, you can fill this gap by taking up a delivery block, optimising your time and adding to your income.

With the added advantage of a straightforward sign-up process and a steady stream of packages awaiting delivery, Amazon Flex can significantly boost your income potential, as there are no complex contracts or inflexible hours to worry about. Amazon Flex is ideal for self-employed drivers seeking a profitable and adaptable side hustle.

Interested in becoming an Amazon Flex delivery driver?

Click the link below to head over to our recent blog post, which provides a comprehensive guide on becoming an Amazon Flex delivery driver.

How To Get Amazon Flex Jobs

The AA

The Automobile Association, commonly known as The AA, is a UK-based motoring association that provides a range of services, including vehicle insurance, driving lessons, breakdown coverage, loans, and much more. Their services, especially the breakdown cover, are indispensable.

As a self-employed driver, your vehicle is your lifeline – the engine of your income, if you will. A breakdown, therefore, isn’t just an inconvenience. It could result in missed deliveries and a loss of income. This is where The AA comes into play.

The AA offers several levels of breakdown cover, ensuring that help is just a phone call away in case of a vehicle malfunction. Services include roadside assistance anywhere in the UK, 24/7, 365 days a year, and if they can’t fix your vehicle on the spot, they’ll tow it to the nearest garage. Additionally, their coverage includes benefits like onward travel, which can provide alternative transport or a courtesy car, helping you to stay mobile.

Why You Need The AA As a Self-Employed Driver

Imagine this, you’re in the middle of your delivery route when suddenly, your van starts making strange noises, and then it stops. You’re stranded on the side of the road, miles from the nearest garage, with a van full of undelivered parcels. In this scenario, having The AA’s breakdown cover can turn a disastrous situation into a minor setback.

With a quick call, The AA’s expert mechanics arrive at your location, day or night, to diagnose and try to fix the problem on the spot. If the vehicle needs more extensive repairs, they will tow your vehicle to a nearby garage and onward travel can help you to minimise disruption.

For a self-employed delivery driver, subscribing to a service like The AA isn’t an expense; it’s an investment in the smooth, uninterrupted operation of your business. With The AA, you’re not just buying breakdown cover. You’re buying reliability, confidence, and peace of mind.

In the demanding world of self-employed delivery driving, the margin between success and falling behind can be razor-thin. With the tools we’ve discussed today – Delm8 Route Planner, Petrol Prices, Google Maps, Amazon Flex, and The AA. You have a potent set of resources to streamline your operations and bolster your bottom line.

These apps aren’t just bells and whistles but essential components in your tool kit. Delm8 Route Planner optimises your daily routes, saving time and fuel. Petrol Prices assist in cutting down one of the most significant expenses – fuel. Google Maps keeps you informed with real-time data. Amazon Flex offers an avenue for supplementary income, and The AA ensures that unexpected breakdowns don’t put the brakes on your business.

Don’t just take our word for it. Experience the change yourself. Download the apps, and start integrating them into your daily routine if you haven’t already.

What’s your go-to app as a delivery driver? Share your favourite tools and tips in the comments!

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